My Ball of String

My human gave me a small ball of string today. It is really fun to try to catch. I never can completely catch it, though. The ball always gets away from me when I bunny kick it. I was really having fun chasing it around the house until my human bean told me I was making havoc and could only play with it if I went outside. Then my human took me outside and threw it for me.

I love trying to bite it hard, but it keeps running away from me! If only I had opposable thumbs I could teach it a lesson or two. I think I'll get plenty of practice because after I drowned it in cat spit, the humans will not want to use the string now. :)

Human's Note: After Danielle got done playing with her string, I took it away so she would not eat any string. She can be very ferocious with her toys. :)



  1. Hi Danielle - you look beautiful in your picture today! That sounds like such a fun ball of string to play with - I love anything that is a ball shape! I wish I was there to play with you!



  2. Yeah... string is fun... but Toby likes to swallow his, so Mom won't let us play with it alone. :(

  3. Yes, got to take it away or it will be eaten.

  4. You are lovely, Danielle. We're happy to hear the string got taken away before you could eat it....and we're happy you have such a grand home.....xxxxxxxxxx

  5. We wouldn't want woo to be some kind of khytty YoYo!


  6. I LOVE string. But Glogirly is pretty stingy with it ever since the "ribbon incident."

    Hey, I just set up new Twitter & Facebook Fan pages, so if you haven't already, come by my blog and click on the badges to join in on the fun!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  7. I have no string. I am stringless. This is Not Fair.

  8. WOW!~ Looks like you're having a blast!


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