The Results for the Cat Pouncing!

 Today is the big day for cathiletes all ofur the globe! We have had an excellent number of enteries, 22 in all! Boy, oh boy, is that a big number! Scroll down to see the awards our great cathletes have won! 

We'll start our entries off with the Cutest Pounce Award section.

Barney says, "Did my human miss anything?"
We've made an award for you to grab for your blog. Under each division, there may be several winners. Each kitty wins the award for the division for all the wonderful entries we have gotten.

Next up, The I'm small, but I can take on the World Pouncers!

Give up you appalAWWs for the Biggest Air Pouncers, Derry and Flynn!

Here is your award!

In the next CAT-egory, kittehs got an excuse to pounce on their brofurs and sisfurs!

ParotCat shows excellent form in the Insect Hunter Division.

Barney and Virgil demonstrating
BIG Eyes Pre-pounce
Next Up....The Most Hilarious Pounces!
Barney took this level to the max!
These kitties showed no mercy to their toys!

Whew, that was alot of entries! After all this action, I'm going to take a nap somewhere. Thanks fur purrticipating, effuryone! Enjoy.


  1. Thank you for my award, I had lots of fun participating. Concats to all the winners.

  2. Wow, you did a lot of different awards! We thought about that but mom got too busy - plus she just couldn't think of any fun ideas (indoor and outdoor climbing were a stretch!)

    We are very honored to receive the awards - especially from you!

    Congrats to all the winners!!


    Hi Danielle - you look beautiful today!!



  3. Thank YOU for all your hard work! We are thrilled to receive the awards. Everyone's entry was fabulous and you were right about Barney being the most hilarious. :-)

    Purrs and kitty kisses to you and yes, take a well-deserved rest!

  4. WOW! What a fab catagory! ConCats to ALL of the winners!

  5. Love the pics of all you cute Kitty Cats ... I wouldn't have been able to pick. So cute !!!

  6. Great entries! They should all win.

  7. Well done you guys!! It would be hard to pick just one winner, so many great photos!

  8. Thanks you for our awards. Was grate fun. I loves looking at everkitteh's picshurs.
    It was really sweets of you to host the event!

  9. Sorry we are a bit late, but we love the medal, thank you.


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