Adventures on Ice

 It is super slippery dippery today! Yesterday the road's and the sidewalk's ice had melted off (finally), but we just got a new coating of ice. GGRROOWWLL. It impedes bi-ped movement especially.This morning, when my human was on the sidewalk, I spied the human doing "The Moonwalk" by accident. My human is not a Michael Jackson fan. It is so slipperry that my human doesn't dare lift 'er feet. My human has fallen once already, though. I think I'll advise my human to take up ice skating. :)

I, on the otherhand, am doing just fine. And I, being an able-bodied craft, am able to run across the slipperiest surface.

Dani's human: "Most of the time, you mean...Remember that time when you had first "discovered" ice?
Dani: "Errrr.... don't bring that up.. it's too embarrassing."


  1. Now, Danielle, we know you are always graceful. You meant to fall that first time, didn't you?

  2. Of course you are graceful, Danielle. Having 4 legs is much easier than having 2.

  3. We sooooo excel with our furwheel drive!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  4. 4 legs does make it easier than 2.. GJ x

  5. Well, it takes a little time to get your "ice legs!"

  6. MOL! I think I want to hear more about your first encounter with ice ;)

  7. Humans love to remind us about our embarrassing moments. Lucky for you she didn't post an embarrassing picture of you like my mom loves to do.

  8. Thank you for coming to visit us on Friday. Nice to meet you. We want to know about when you first discovered ice.

  9. Danielle, we know you are a very graceful cat!


    And I know you are beautiful too!

  10. Ice stinks! It creates lots of problems for the beans and ya know what?!? Our little sisbean, Wren, she just keeps making ice and taking it out of the freezer to see it melt, then puts it back in! Then again, she's three and a half. If yer gonna keep going in the freezer, can you at least give us some ice cream???


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