Post-Christmas Blues

On the first day of Christmas my human didn't give to me:

Twelve toys of catnip!

Eleven cat greenies,

Ten prime rib cuts,

Nine camera free days,

Eight turkey feathers,

Seven hours to be petted,

Six heated pet beds,

Five super bouncy balls!

Four pet VSquillions,

Three turkey morsels,

Two Mr. Chipmunks,

And a birdie in a cat tree!!

I did get one pet VSquillion, a whole dish of turkey gravy with ham, some wiener, and a furry lovely picture from Virgil, though!


  1. Haha that would be an amazing chrissymouse wouldnt it!

  2. I bet woo didn't get a fluffy Siberian either!


  3. Well, ok technically today is only the 3rd (or 4th depending on what method of counting you use) day of Christmas they still have a bit of time to catch up! I think the ten rib cuts could be tough.

    Virgil really wanted to send you a VSquillion too but they don't let you adopt for other kitties - otherwise you would be a bit closer to the 4 you hoped for.

    HI DANIELLE - Virgil here! I am sending you 12 kittie smooches! I hope that helps!!! I am trying to figure out how to fly the boogie mat like Milo does to go visit his girlfriend Domino - I may need him to teach me. Then we can go get some tasty turkey together!! You live WAY closer to me then Domino is to Milo so I think I will be able to make the trip very soon (if that is ok with you of course!)

  4. Hello. Yes, here are 12 kittie smooches.

  5. I send you twelve GJ hugs too.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. It's not so bad. I got a VSquillion too!

  7. We didn't get any of that stuff either....

  8. MOL hehehe dat is one pawsome list dat I would luvs to has as well but I didn't gets any of it eithers!



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