Lesson 5

Today we are going to talk about your relationship with your human. It is very important to remind your human that you are the dominant animal. This can be demonstrated several ways.

1. Randomly hissing at your human for no particular reason. This should be done to your human only occasionally, otherwise they will start to think you are furry crabby.

2. If you don't like the food your bean gives you, you can skip a meal. Usually, you will get offered something better within an hour and a half. This should be with caution, and almost never do it if your human is paranoid about your health, hence you get caught up to the v-e-t!


  1. The khanine option is growling a wee bit, khurling ones lip, and/or snarling ones nose!


  2. Hmm... we might have to try one of those! Thanks for the tips.

  3. Very good advice there. we shall follow it to the letter!

  4. I do that exact thing. Mum and dad never know why I hiss at them.

  5. Must be very sweet to everyone this time of year or Santa may not stop at your house. We're on best behaviour!


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