The Fourth of Decembbbuuuurrrrr

Today something strange happened. When I woke up, this cold white powder was all over everything outside. The beans call it " SNOW ". I've never experienced snow ever before in my life! We have ALOT of snow. In fact, we have TOO MUCH SNOW. I know all the huskies who read this will be drooling over the thought of snow, but I stayed inside on my new cat bed. I did go outside for a while to check things out, though. Since the bean is super paranoid about the flashy beast getting frozen, it did not come outside and bother me while I was exploring. (HAPPY DAY!)

What do you do on snow days? (That is, if you get snow where you live.)


  1. I'll take what woo aren't using!

    Maybe woo need me to show woo how to do it!

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur thinking of us!

  2. Hmm... we watch from a warm nest in front of a window! Until we falls asleep.

  3. I don't get snow and that suits me just FINE!

  4. Takes loads of pictures, because in the UK snow that you can actually play in is very rare.

  5. I dont like snow and stay curled up warm. Mum tried last year to get me to go outside for a snow picture. Lasted about 2 seconds and no picture.. Hugs GJ x


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