A Pet Selector Quiz

Find out what animal is your ideal pet.

Do the simple math below, then scroll down to find your recommended pet.


It's crazy how accurate this is!

1. Pick your favorite number between 1 and 9

2. Multiply it by 3

3. Add three

4. Then multiply by 3 again (I'll wait while you get a calculator........)

5. You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number...

6. Add the digits together.

Now scroll down.......

With that number, see what pet is recomended for you.

1 - Fish

2 - Hampster

3 - Guinea Pig

4 - Dog

5 - Bird

6 - Reptile

7 - Amphibian

8 - Insect -like an ant farm

9 - Cat

10 -No recommended pet

 I know, I know....cats just have that special effect on people.

 Why are you laughing????????

 Stop picking different numbers!!! I AM YOUR PET....JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL! That was awesome. I have a thing for odd numbers so and I like small groups so I picked 3, usually things in my house are in threes if I have more than one. and sure enough I ended up at nine. I just knew once I got to know Tygana that we were meant to be. Thanks that was fun!

  2. oh my goodness.....i was so excited my first run through I went back again....and started looking really looking at the instructions...you cant not get nine! LOL LOL LOL

  3. OMC!!! We got cat too!!! that was furry fun! Thanx for the quiz...

  4. This was tough for me because my favorite number isn't between 1 and 9. We got cat (of course - that shouldn't be a surprise). That is a fun one! Of course, we were like One Cats Nip and went and tried again to be sure that what we suspected about always getting 9 was true - it was. Of course a cat would think up something this clever!

    And Danielle, Virgil wanted me to tell you that he thinks you are smart for coming up with this quiz - he likes smart girls!

  5. Gee!

    I bet even I would get KHAT too ;-)


  6. Whoa. It werked ! Our hoomins is a kitteh person! (big surprise there).

  7. Well, how cool is that?! You always get 9 = CAT

  8. WOW!! How do these things work? Our bean is NOT a numbers kinda gal. .. but shur enuf, she got 9, so we iss happy... she better have got 9, cuz we iss a fambly of FOUR kittehs!!! Funny...she started wif '4' as her fafurrite number! MOL

    Furry cute!


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