You know what? I think my bean might be seeing another cat! Look, I found this on the bean's camera. Pretty, blond-fur, beautiful green eyes....

Danielle : What's that, Bean?

Bean: That's a relative's cat.

Danielle: *Whispers* I think the bean is trying to cover it up! I won't stand for it if the bean brings anothercat home.

Danielle: So then, Bean, what were you really doing the day of September 5th, 2009?

Bean: Like I said, I was visiting my relatives, and playing with one of their cats.

Danielle: Why were you "playing with one of their cats"?

Bean: 'Cause I wanted to, I guess. Am I banned from playing with other cats? Danielle, and you are the one closest to my heart. I didn't know you were sensitive about me being in the company of other cats.

Danielle: *embarrassed* Aww, I love you, too. A lot. Sorry about that.

Bean: It's OK.


  1. They think we won't find things like 'this' out!



  2. Better watch her closely, Danielle. You just can never tell about beans!

  3. Keep a close eye on her Danielle. It won't be long until she brings another cat home!

  4. Ah they visit others but always come back to the one's they love.. Dont worry.. Hugs GJ x

  5. We love when mum brings us a new brother or sister. It must be so hard never to see or know someone like yourself.

  6. They say they're only visiting another and before you know it, you have six little brothers and sisters annoying you and chewing on your tail. I'd be worried.

  7. Ok when Virgil first saw that picture he was a bit alarmed it was some mancat trying to get your attention - he was very glad to hear he is a relatives kitty.

    And he is a cute kitty too - don't worry, your mom will always love you the best!


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