Wanted Part 3

Hello! This is Private Eye Danielle reporting from the Northwoods hangout of Mr. Chippie. I am reporting good and bad news.

My crook has a sidekick! Again, my secret intelligence organization has come through for me. They have found the whereabouts of a second hideout in the outback woods! This is where they are stockpiling more supplies! I have found many chipmunk-sized secret entrances and a main entry. Through my secret intelligence reporters, I have also found out that their hideout will be demolished with a certain demolisher beast some human beans call a skid steer. The main hideout will be totally destroyed! But will it be enough to keep the bad guys at bay? From my knowledge of the local chippie population, if the population is totally destroyed in an area, it will be infiltrated with them again in the spring. It will be a long battle, but I am convinced that we can win. "I have not yet begun to fight!!!"

*a few minutes later* What's that bean? You mean somebean already made the quote, "I have not yet begun to fight, already? I mean, I want it to be my quote! Oohh, so that's unavoidable? *Huff*

Crime scene photos:

1. The first time I visited the crime scene I found a wealth of stolen pinecones and corncobs. I must document everything carefully as I found it. You never know where they might hide it.
2. My paws could be a carrier of oils or smell that chippies can smell. They must be carefully washed, so that the leave no trace behind.


  1. Watch out, precious girl. Those chippies have a mean streak. We want our girl safe and sound.

  2. Be furry khareful!

    After all, woo are ONLY a khat!

    Khyra The Khanine

  3. Gather some nuts, put them in a pile, and WAIT... mew ha ha ha!!

  4. Oh be careful Danielle! Those chipmunks are tricky - we think they have a tunnel that actually goes UNDER our house (it may be a plot to get in) so you never know where they could be. Even if that hideout is destroyed, they have their backups everywhere!

    Virgil wanted to send a special hello - he had me make a badge declaring his feelings for you - I am going to put it on our site tonight and, well, he said if you would like to you can put it on yours too! It isn't fancy but I think it is cute (I am not a great photoshopper or anything but I think I did ok).

  5. Well hello Danielle, we read about you over at Virgil's and wanted to stop by. We see you live in Whisk-onsin. We're in Brookfield. Where are you?

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew

  6. Danielle, you are doing a great job with those nasty, sneaky chippies. Keep up the good work!

  7. MOL!!! We came offur here from the House of Cats blog. We just HAD to see who has stolen little Virgil's affections! And, you sure are a cutie, so, no wonder! Hope you can stop by our bloggie sometimes!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew

  8. Oh my gosh, this is adorable! Be super careful Danielle! Those chippies are sly!


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