The Talker, part 2

Hi furry and non-furry friends!

The Talker has gotten much more acclimatized since I last posted about her, so I’ll give you an update. Lately, she has turned her vocalizations up a few dozen decibels. Now, when my human bean even comes in the room, the Talker will go WEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! because the Talker knows there is a chance that she will get fed. I feel like going MEEEEOOOWW!!!!!!! when she vocalizes.
But, she is cute, as you can see in her picture. I think that that is about her only virtue (other than she might taste pretty good, but I’ve given up hope on that one).

Cats: Do you have to live with someone or something that irks you? I sure do! Tell me about yours.


  1. I had to live with Tallulah for a while, and the only reason she irked me was 'cause she was livin' with me! She lives with the Grad Student up in O hi O now and we're both happier.

  2. The pig is cute, I must say! Nice to meet you. Come by and say hi!


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